12th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2019

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British Council

03 Mar
11:00 AM
Circuit, Switzerland
LIYANA, Swaziland
Nomad, Spain
02:00 PM
My Giraffe, Netherlands
Petit, Spain
04:00 PM
A Family Tale, Spain
Cat Lake City, Germany
Krenk, Italy
My Best Friend, Spain
Noel, Spain
Stoppage Time, Spain
04 Mar
11:00 AM
Goldfish, Greece
Vs. Santa, Spain
Wendy 2 - Friendship Forever, Germany
02:00 PM
Anyone Who Sees, United Kingdom
Footsteps, Iceland
Goat, Turkey
Greed, Morocco
Hearth, Kazakhstan
My Grandfather’s Notebook, Spain
Robot Will Protect You, Estonia
Someone's Missing, Poland
05 Mar
11:00 AM
Invisible Sue, Germany
Tweet-Tweet, Russian Federation
Wild as a Raspberry, Portugal
02:00 PM
Children of the Cemetery, Turkey
Kometen, Norway
Space Mountain, Spain
The Afterbirth, Spain
06 Mar
11:00 AM
Heidi, Switzerland
Imaginafriend, France
02:00 PM
Booba. Remote control., Russian Federation
HiddenBoy, Spain
Mist, Turkey
Perfectly Naughty Kids, Russian Federation
Rebirthing, Spain
The Girl and the Tree of Desire, Russian Federation
The Line, Italy
We Need To Talk, Germany