12th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2019

Anyone Who Sees


United Kingdom | 3 | Drama, Thriller | 2018 | Short Film (Animation) | English

Deep in the forest, something lurks and Pema is on a mission to find it. After her grandmother tells her about the mythical creature, the Yeti, which is meant to live in the forest near their home; Pema ventures out into the wilderness of the Himalayas to see if she can find it. Hiding in bushes and peaking through leaves, as night falls, Pema finds herself alone in the forest...or is she?


গভীর অরণ্যে কিছু একটা লুকিয়ে আছে এবং পিমাকে সেটা বের করে হবে। যখন তার দাদীমা তাকে ‘ইয়েতি’ নামের একটি অবাস্তব জীব সম্পর্কে বলল, যেটা তাদের বাড়ির কাছে একটি জঙ্গলে থাকে; পিমা তখনই উদ্যোগ নেয় যে সে হিমালয়ের গভীর অরণ্যে সেই অবাস্তব জীবকে খুঁজে বের করবে। ঝোপ-ঝাড়ে লুকিয়ে, শুকনো পাতার উপর দিয়ে হেঁটে রাত নামার সাথে সাথে পিমা নিজেকে পুরো জঙ্গলে একা আবিষ্কার করে... সে কি আসলেই একা, নাকি সাথে কেউ আছে?

Ms. Emily Ritchie

Emily Ritchie has been studying film and animation for over a decade and has now achieved a 1st class honors in both her Undergraduate Degree in Film Production and Screenwriting, as well as in her Master's in Animation. Currently, she is working in a variety of jobs including freelance animation work producing props, characters and short pieces for use in a variety of projects.

Filmography: Director/Writer- If I Could Run Director/Writer- Deep Dark Space Animator- Transforming the Campus with Sally the Slug Puppet Maker- Are We Still Here? Animator- Distance Emily has been practicing film for over 5 years and works primarily within stop motion animation. Her work is reflective of her interest to preserve traditional techniques and art forms.

Screening Schedule

  • 3 Mar
    11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

    Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy


  • 3 Mar
    04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

    Shawkat Osman Hall

    Central Public Library, Shahbag

  • 4 Mar
    02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

    British Council

    Fuller Road

Credits and Casts

Emily Ritchie
Emily Ritchie
Emily Ritchie
Emily Ritchie
Emily Ritchie
Emily Ritchie
Leading Casts
Elsie Ritchie
Music Director
Sophie Leigh Hagen

Exhibition & Award History

Screened at Filmed Up- HOME Manchester (December 2018)