13th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2020

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Goethe Institut

26 Jan
02:00 PM
Blue And Curt, Canada
Sweet Dreams, China
TKKG- Detective Agency, Germany
04:00 PM
11:40, Argentina
Day X, Germany
Few Miles Away, India
Hold On To Me, Italy
Maradona's Legs, Germany
Refined in the Fire, Australia
Shelter, Italy
27 Jan
02:00 PM
Fragile, United States
Rocca Changes The World, Germany
04:00 PM
Blieschow, Germany
Rice Cake Tree, India
28 Jan
02:00 PM
Alfons Jitterbit - Countdown to Chaos, Germany
Gallery Experience, United States
Moon, Argentina
04:00 PM
Ayam, Morocco
Red Bracelets – The Beginning, Germany
29 Jan
02:00 PM
A Full Moon Night, Argentina
Adam, Singapore
Boje, Germany
Campnile, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
How to Cheer Up Loneliness, Ukraine
Istiqlal, Indonesia
Yiúlia, Brazil