13th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2020

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Shawkat Osman Hall

26 Jan
11:00 AM
I Am Not My Father, Qatar
I am a Tree, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Bobot, Ukraine
02:00 PM
Dino Dana The Movie, Canada
Istiqlal, Indonesia
Shoe, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Doggy, Georgia
The Dustbin Connection, Bangladesh
04:00 PM
Color of Childhood, Bangladesh
No Monsters Allowed, United States
Simin, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Baby Dove, India
06:00 PM
In Passing, Canada
In The Forest Of Huckybucky, Norway
Love Island, Korea, Republic of
Yours Loving Umma, India

Sufia Kamal Auditorium

26 Jan
03:00 PM
Aami, Bangladesh
Amader Golpo, Bangladesh
Because He’s Good, Russian Federation
Boon is Missing., Bangladesh
Charka, Bangladesh
Georgina's Magical Powers, Spain
Is It Good To Run Away?, Bangladesh
Let Me Breath with My Dream, Bangladesh
Naam Tar Projonon, Bangladesh
Porichoy, Bangladesh
Projonmmo, Bangladesh
Seeking Refuge, Spain
Silence Please!, Bangladesh
Tale of Extinction, Bangladesh
The Cell, Bangladesh
The Dark Fortnight, Bangladesh
The Elevator, Bangladesh
Time For Amanda, Spain
To, The Sleepless Youth, Bangladesh

Goethe Institut

26 Jan
02:00 PM
Blue And Curt, Canada
Sweet Dreams, China
TKKG- Detective Agency, Germany
04:00 PM
11:40, Argentina
Day X, Germany
Few Miles Away, India
Hold On To Me, Italy
Maradona's Legs, Germany
Refined in the Fire, Australia
Shelter, Italy

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

26 Jan
11:00 AM
A Flowering Tree, India
Ailin on the Moon, Argentina
Gabrielle, United States
Istiqlal, Indonesia
My Little Prince, Azerbaijan
Sam's dream, France
Speckled Cockerel’s Wedding, Spain
Walter, United States
02:00 PM
Isah's Dreams: Dad's Chest, Brazil
Phantom Owl Forest, Estonia
04:00 PM
It's Cold Up There, France
Love Island, Korea, Republic of
Maradona's Legs, Germany
Muzbalak, Kazakhstan