11th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2018

Room 606

রুম ৬০৬ (Bangla)

Bangladesh | 20 | Horror, Thriller | 2017 | Short Film (Live Action) | Bangla

Room 606" is a horror thriller short film. Bassically "Room 606" is a story of a new comer student in an University, firstly he didn't found any room on that hall.after that he could manage a room which was known as a haunted room among other students. After entering the room he faced many paranormal activities. At the end total story was just changed by a single moment.

Original Language

"রুম ৬০৬" একটি ভৌতিক ও থ্রিলার শর্টফিল্ম। আসলে এটা একটা নতুন শিক্ষার্থীর ঘটনা যে কিনা একটি ভার্সিটি তে ভর্তি হয়। হল এ উঠার জন্য কোন রুম খালি না পাওয়ায় সে একটি রুমে উঠতে বাধ্য হল যেটিতে কেউ উঠেনা।সবার কাছে রুমটা ভৌতিক রুম নামেই পরিচিত। রুমে ঢুকেই নানা ভৌতিক ব্যাপার এর ফেইস করে সে।গল্পটি ১ সেকেন্ড এ ই তার রুপ পালটায় শেষে গিয়ে।

Mr. Rashedul Islam Roni

Rashedul Islam Roni is a19 years old film-maker whose aim is to make his country stand out and create history with his films. Currently, he is studying at Daffodil International University in Computer Science & Engineering. He is trying to improve his skills on camera, editing and script writing so that he can do better in the future.

Filmography: Expert in Direction,camera(dslr),editing(premier pro,after effect,corel videp studio),acting, Make some short film in there "education is the backbone of a nation" "sequence " "no vat on education" "second time" "room 606" "matal" "onno ami" "bodle jai bodle dei" "brikkhomata" more on.

Screening Schedule

  • 31 Jan
    02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

    Sufia Kamal Auditorium

    National Museum, Shahbag

Credits and Casts

Rashedul Islam Ron
Rashedul Islam Roni
Rashedul Islam Roni
Rashedul Islam Roni
Rashedul Islam Roni
Rashedul Islam Roni
Leading Casts

Exhibition & Award History

Pathsala cinema department award, UIU film festival selection.