15th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2022

Meow or Never

United Kingdom | 9 min 34 sec | Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical | 2020 | Short Film (Animation) | English

In a madcap musical, an astronaut travels around the galaxy searching for the meaning of life. On one planet, she meets a space pup who'd like to help her but instead gets her involved in a chain of catastrophes that include smelling 'catnip-bis' and meeting a tribe of marshmallows!


একটি ম্যাডক্যাপ মিউজিক্যালে, একজন মহাকাশচারী জীবনের অর্থের সন্ধানে গ্যালাক্সির চারপাশে ভ্রমণ করেন। একটি গ্রহে, তিনি একটি মহাকাশ কুকুরের সাথে দেখা করেন যে তাকে সাহায্য করতে চায়, কিন্তু পরিবর্তে তাকে 'ক্যাটনিপ-বিস' গন্ধ এবং মার্শম্যালোর একটি উপজাতির সাথে দেখা সহ বিপর্যয়ের একটি শৃঙ্খলে জড়িয়ে পড়ে!

Ms. Neeraja Raj

Neeraja Raj is a film director, writer, and animator working in film, television, and commercials. Her acclaimed film 'Meow or Never' was shortlisted for the Student BAFTA Awards, which won the Women in Animation Best Film Award and Digicon6 Asia Silver Award in 2020. She worked at The Walt Disney Company in 2016 and Aardman Animations in 2021.

Filmography: Everything is Good (2021) The Girl Who Built a Rocket (2021) Meow or Never (2020) Don't (2018) Bubbles (2018) Stars (2016)

Screening Schedule

  • 8 Mar
    04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

    Bangladesh Film Archive

    F-5, Agargaon Administritive Area, Shere Bangla Nagar, Dhaka 1207

Credits and Casts

Neeraja Raj
Neeraja Raj, Vanessa Rose
Neeraja Raj, Vanessa Rose
Edward Coltman
Diana Podra
Nathalie Pitters
Leading Casts
Sheila Atim, Jayne Wisener

Exhibition & Award History

Meow or Never has been officially selected in several festivals throughout the world and theatrically released as below:
1. World Premiere at  Sitges International Film Festival Oscar®-Qualifying (Spain, Oct 2020)
2. US Premiere at  Austin Film Festival Oscar®-Qualifying (US, Oct 2020)
3. Animest International Film Festival Oscar®-Qualifying (Romania, November 2020)
4. SIGGRAPH Asia Oscar®-Qualifying (South Korea, Dec 2020)
5. 38th Annual Chicago International Children’s Film Festival Oscar®-Qualifying (US, November 2021)
6. Animayo International Film Festival Oscar®-Qualifying (Spain, May 2021)
7. Cinanima International Animated Film Festival Oscar®-Qualifying (Portugal, November 2021)
8. British Film Institute BFI Future Film festival (London, Feb 2021)
9. Norwich Film Festival BAFTA-Qualifying (UK, November 2021)
10. Semi-finalist at Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival Oscar® Qualifying, BAFTA Qualifying, Canadian Screen Award Qualifying (US, 9-18 August 2021)
11. Black Movie Festival Film Festival (Geneva, Switzerland, Jan 2021)
12. San Diego International ShortsFest (US, June 2021)
13. Kaboom Film Festival (Netherlands, April 2021)
14. Mo & Friese KinderKurzFilmFestival (Hamburg, May 2021)
15. Manchester Animation Festival (UK, November 2020)
16. Tokyo Anime Film Festival (Japan, March 2021)
17. Watersprite International Student Festival 2021 (UK, March 2021)
18. Anim!Arte International Student Animation Festival (Brazil, June 2021)
19. Festival Stop Motion Montreal (Canada, 10-19 Sept, 2021)
20. Busan International Kids and Youth film festival (South Korea, July 2021)
21. La Guarimba Film Festival (Italy, August 2021)
22. British Shorts Berlin (Germany, August 2021)
23. ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival (Azerbaijan, Oct 2020)
24. Cinemagic Film Festival (Ireland, Oct 2020)
25. New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival (Japan, Nov 2020)
26. VGIK International Film Festival (Russia, Nov 2020)
27. Animateka International Animated Film Festival (Slovenia, Dec 2020)
28. Cineaste International Film Festival of India (India, December 2020)⁠
29. On the Pulse Film Festival (Ireland, March 2021)
30. Framed Animation Festival in Forum Groningen (Netherlands, May 2021)
31. Lift-Off Global Network 2021 Session (International, May 2021)
32. ANIMEX International Festival of Animation, VFX & Games (UK, 10-19 May 2021)
33. Midwest Sci-Fi Short Film Festival (USA, June 2021)
34. University of East London Animation Awards Special Screening (UK, June 2021)
35. MSI Creator Awards (Global, June 2021)
36. MALT Adult Film Festival (USA, June 2021)
37. Barnes Film Festival (London, June 2021)
38. The TV Fest (Canada, September 2021)
39. Indie-AniFest (South Korea, September 2021)
40. Festival Deux Cans (UK, September 12, 2021)
41. Little Wing Film Festival (London, September 2021)
42. McMinnville Sci-Fi Film Festival (Oregon, US, September 2021)
43. Taichung International Animation Festival (Taichung, Taiwan, October 2021)
44. Canlandıranlar Film Festival (Turkey, October 2021)
45. Senior Show 2020 by Light Grey Art Lab (US, May 2020)
46. YOUKI International Youth Media Festival (Austria, November 2021)
47. GAGARIN.DOC Open Festival of Cinema, Science and Contemporary Art (Russia, April 2021)
48. 4th Athens International Children's Film Festival (Greece, November 2021)
49. Blue Planet Science-Fiction Film Festival (Nanjing, China, December 2020)
50. CONvergence (MN, USA, Aug 2021)
51. 22nd Digicon6 Asia Awards (Tokyo, Nov 2020)
52. Prime the Animation! New Talent International Festival (València, Spain, October 2021)
53. ANIMAC International Film Festival of Animation in Catalonia (Spain, Mar 2021)
54. Animae Caribe International Animation & Digital Media Festival (Caribbean, October 2021)
55. Chungbuk World Family Film Festival (Cheongju, South Korea, October 2021)
56. Reggio Film Festival (Italy, November 2021)
57. Cinestesia Fest (Colombia, November 2021)