14th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2021

Ya Hoota

Qatar | 11 min | Comedy | 2020 | Short Film (Animation) | Arabic

A little girl sets on a journey to save the moon from a gigantic whale. In this adventurous journey of hers, she has some help. Her brother also joins her in the mission to defeat the huge whale and save the moon. Will she succeed in her exciting mission with her brother?


ছোট্ট একটি মেয়ে এক দুঃসাহসী অভিযানে বের হয়ে পড়ে। লক্ষ্য? এক বিশাল তিমির খপ্পর থেকে চাঁদকে রক্ষা করা। এই অভিযানে তাকে সাহায্য করতে, তার সাথে যোগ দেয় তার ভাইও। সে কি পারবে বাঁচাতে চাঁদকে? সফল হতে পারবে তার অভিযানে?

Original Language

فتاة صغيرة تنطلق في رحلة لإنقاذ القمر من حوت عملاق. في رحلة المغامرة هذه ، لديها بعض المساعدة. ينضم إليها ابن عمها في مهمة لهزيمة الحوت الضخم وإنقاذ القمر. هل ستنجح في مهمتها المثيرة مع ابن عمها؟

Ms. Latifa Al-Darwish

Latifa Al-Darwish is an award-winning filmmaker and a storyteller. She received her BSc in Communication from Northwestern University in Qatar and received her MA from King’s College London in Culture and Creative Industries where she did her thesis on the Cultural Memory of Alwakra City. Her work has been shown in film festivals and exhibitions in Doha and abroad.

Filmography: Ya Hoota (2020)

Mr. Abdulaziz Yousif

Abdulaziz Yousif is a cartoonist publishing in a daily newspaper under the stage name “crocodile”. During his work with Jeem TV and Baraem children channel, he was awarded a Bronze Promax Award along with his graphic design team for their work. He curated and co-curated the “LeBockade” and “[re] action” galleries in collaboration with Doha Film Institute.

Filmography: Ya Hoota (2020)

Screening Schedule

  • 3 Feb
    02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

    Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy


Credits and Casts

Latifa Al-Darwish , Abdulaziz Yousif
Latifa Al-Darwish , Abdulaziz Yousif
Latifa Al-Darwish , Abdulaziz Yousif
Latifa Al-Darwish , Abdulaziz Yousif
Ben Robinson
Latifa Al-Darwish , Abdulaziz Yousif
Leading Casts
Shoug Al Muamin, Ahmed Fakhroo, Fatima Al Nassif, Adodo Al Thani