14th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2021

My Only Sunshine


Singapore | 9 min | Drama | 2000 | Short Film (Live Action) | English

A bittersweet relationship of a young single mother uncovering the inner thoughts of her 8 years old deaf and specially abled daughter who is also a victim of bulling in school.


তিক্ত-মধুর সম্পর্ক নিয়ে একজন মা তার বধির ও বিশেষ চাহিদা সম্পন্ন ৮ বছর বয়সী মেয়ের মনের অবস্থা বুঝার চেষ্টা করে যাকে নিজের স্কুলের সহপাঠীরাও প্রতিনিয়ত উত্যক্ত করে।

Mr. Cho Jun Ming

Cho Jun Ming is a self-taught passionate filmmaker whose passion is to create a positive impact through inspiring films that inculcate socially meaningful messages. He was Conferred as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Of The World Singapore Merit in 2018 for cultural achievements by the junior chamber international and is also the youngest awardee among the recipients.

Filmography: hangeD - (2017) Sine Quo Non - (2018) Dear Uncle Chan - (2019) Special Jimmy - (2020) My Only Sunshine - (2020)

Screening Schedule

  • 2 Feb
    02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

    Shawkat Osman Hall

    Central Public Library, Shahbag

Credits and Casts

Cho Jun Ming
Cho Jun Ming
Cho Jun Ming
Cho Jun Ming
Cho Jun Ming
Asyraf Jalil
Leading Casts
Su Paing Tun, Adeel Yak

Exhibition & Award History

3rd China-ASEAN International Tourism Carnival Hainan, Haikou
China-ASEAN University students' culture week 2020 Official Selection