14th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2021

Deep Fears


United States | 3 min 30 sec | Comedy, Drama | 2020 | Short Film (Animation) | English

A sea otter lives a life of fear and loneliness. He has an unusual fear of the ocean. As he was attempting to gather food, he accidentally captures a green crab. The crab assaults him in retaliation, and he cuts off his pink shell necklace in spite. The sea otter dives for his necklace and falls into the ocean. A whole new experience and lessons are waiting for him.


এক সামুদ্রিক ভোঁদড়ের সমুদ্রের প্রতি রয়েছে অস্বাভাবিক ভয়। একদিন ভোঁদড়টি খাবার জোগাড় করার সময় ভুলবশত একটি কাঁকড়া ধরে ফেলে। প্রতিশোধ নিতে সেই কাঁকড়া ভোঁদড়ের গোলাপি নেকলেস নিয়ে ডুব দেয় সাগরে। নেকলেসের পিছু নিতে গিয়ে ভোঁদড়টি সমুদ্রে ঝাঁপ দিতেই অজ্ঞান হয়ে যায়। সমুদ্রের ভেতরের জগতে তার জন্য অপেক্ষা করছে এক নতুন অভিজ্ঞতা।


Ryan Chu is a Taiwanese-American who was born and raised in Southern California, currently living in Orange County. He is an alumnus and earned a BFA Animation degree in 2020 from the California State University, Long Beach. Aside from doing art stuff, he loves everything otter-related and is a weapon hobbyist who enjoys safe shooting at the range.

Filmography: Nothing to Say (2019)

Screening Schedule

  • 1 Feb
    02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

    Shawkat Osman Hall

    Central Public Library, Shahbag

  • 2 Feb
    11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

    Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy


Credits and Casts

Ryan Chu
Ryan Chu
Ryan Chu
Reese Hancharick, Kyle Russell
Ryan Chu
Ryan Chu
Leading Casts
Background Music
Joseph Bucsit and Harvey Carrasco
Sound Engineer
Harvey Carrasco
Ryan Chu, Izzat Marchi, Kelly Juarez, Amro Emghaoech, Georgina Fang, Kenneth Cheung, Jonathan Thomas Yip, and Kristen Tan

Exhibition & Award History

1. Award of Merit: Student Children/Family Programming and Student Animation - Accolade Global Film Competition, August 2020.
2. Best Animation - Alternative Film Festival, September 2020.
3. Best Animation - Andromeda Film Festival, November 2020.
4. Finalist - Animalcoi, November 2020.
5. Finalist - BMC FilmFest, October 2020.
6. Award of Distinction - Canada Shorts Film Festival, December 2020.
7. Finalist - Changing Minds Young Filmmaker Competition, September 2020.
8. Top 30 Winner - CSU Media Arts Festival, November 2020.
9. Honorable Mention: Animation - Digifest Temecula, August 2020.
10. Best Animation - Feel The Reel International Film Festival, September 2020.
11. Semi-Finalist: Animated Short - Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival, July 2020.
12. Nominee: Best Animated Short - Georgia Shorts Film Festival, October 2020.
13. Silver Award: Best Children Short and Best Original Score - Independent Shorts Awards, September 2020.
14. Best Student Children Short and Outstanding Achievement Award: Original Score - Indie Short Fest, August 2020.
15. Best Animated Short - INDIE SHORTS AWARDS MIAMI, November 2020.
16. Best Student Children Short - IndieX, August 2020.
17. Bronze Award: Best Character-Based Short - Los Angeles Animation Festival, November 2020.
18. Nominee: Will Vinton Award for Best Animation - McMinnville Short Film Festival, December 2020.
19. Nominee: Best Student Animated Film and Best Movie Poster - Monthly Indie Shorts, September 2020.
20. Gaddy Silver Award - Peak City International Film Festival, September 2020.
21. Best Poster - Phoenix Monthly Short Film Festival, November 2020.
22. Nominee: Student Film of the Month and Animation of the Month - The Monthly Film Festival, August 2020.
23. Finalist - The People's Film Festival, October 2020.
24. Best Overall Short Film, Best Original Story, and Best Sound/Music - Thundr Short Film Showcase, September 2020.
25. Official Selection - Chaniartoon, August 2020.
26. Official Selection - FESTIVAL ANGAELICA, October 2020.
27. Official Selection - Film Showcase, July 2020.
28. Official Selection - FLICKFAIR, July 2020.
29. Official Selection - KidFilm Family Festival, December 2020.
30. Official Selection - KIDS FIRST! Film Festival, December 2020.
31. Official Selection - KINOdiseea International Children Film Festival Romania, October 2020.
32. Official Selection - ReAnima: Bergen International Animation Festival, October 2020.
33. Official Selection - SHORT To The Point, August 2020.
34. Official Selection - Taiwanese American Film Festival, October 2020.
35. Official Selection - Wholesome Film Festival, September 2020.
36. Official Selection - Yucca Valley Film Festival, November 2020.