14th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2021

Chowdhury Shaheb

চৌধূরী সাহেব (Bengali)

Bangladesh | 14 min | Mystery, Thriller | 2019 | Short Film (Live Action) | Bengali

This film is about a hitman named Chowdhury Shaheb, who is passionate about murdering people and takes pride in doing so. He is too professional and does not consider it to be a crime. Chowdhury Shaheb is now dealing with his last twisted contract, can everything be done in a perfect way.

Original Language

চৌধূরী সাহেব নামের একজন পেশাদার খুনীকে নিয়ে এই সিনেমাটি নির্মিত। তিনি খুনকে এক ধরনের শিল্পের পর্যায়ে নিয়ে গেছেন এবং খুন করাকে কোনো অপরাধ বলে গণ্য করেন না। বরং এই খুনী পেশায় তিনি স্বাচ্ছন্দ্য বোধ করেন এবং গর্বের সাথে এ কাজটি করেন। তিনি তার শেষ খুনটি করতে যাচ্ছেন। সব কী করা যাবে নিখুঁতভাবে?

Mr. Milton Dey

Milton Dey is a Tarantino fan. He does not have too much action in his own life. He refers to himself as a simple person living a simple life with a bank job. But Milton thinks the extraordinary portion of his life is his dream. His dream is to make a film that will blow every mind on the planet.

Filmography: Chowdhury Shaheb (2019) Onoboddo (2018)

Screening Schedule

  • 2 Feb
    03:00 PM - 05:00 PM

    Sufia Kamal Auditorium

    National Museum, Shahbag

Credits and Casts

Milton Dey
Ashwash M. A. Chowdhury
Ashwash M. A. Chowdhury
Ashwash M. A. Chowdhury
Kawsher Ahmed
Leading Casts
Ashwash M. A. Chowdhury, Sarker M. A. Hadi, Shahriar Rifat

Exhibition & Award History

Official Selection on Global Youth Film Festival Bangladesh