13th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2020

Not One Of Us


United States | 9 min | Comedy, Other | 2017 | Short Film (Animation) | English

Sparked by the racist rhetoric and narcissism of Trump, “Not One of Us” is an ominous warning about the perils of building walls in the name of greed, hegemony, and xenophobia. Created in an 80's retro clay animation style, the film’s sly humour and children's' fable visuals believe the urgent call to action at the heart of this dark allegory.


‘নট ওয়ান অফ আস’ লোলুপতা, কর্তৃত্ব ও বিদেশাতঙ্কের নামে সীমানা দেয়াল তৈরির সম্বন্ধে এক ভীতিজনক সাবধানবাণী, যা ট্রাম্পের বর্ণবাদী বক্তৃতা ও আত্মরতি হতে সৃষ্ট। আশির দশকের ক্লে এনিমেশন স্টাইলে তৈরি এই চলচ্চিত্রের ব্যাঙ্গাত্ত্বক রস ও গল্পময় শিশুতোষ দৃশ্যপট এই অস্পষ্ট উপমার আহ্বানের ছদ্মবেশে কাজ করে।

Mr. Bill Jarcho

Bill Jarchois is an animation director and puppeteer living on Vashon Isl. in Washington State. In 1980 he co-founded Olive Jar Studios in Boston, where they produced many of the early MTV and Nickelodeon spots, as-well-as music videos, shorts, and TV commercials

Filmography: -

Screening Schedule

  • 28 Jan
    04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

    Alliance Francaise de Dhaka

    Road 3, Dhanmondi

Credits and Casts

Bill Jarcho
Bill Jarcho
Bill Jarcho
Bill Jarcho
Leading Casts
Sean Burns

Exhibition & Award History

Best Shorts Competition, CA
Accolade Global Film Competition, CA
Finalist- International Animated Short Film Festival AJAYU - Peru
Semi-finalist ASIFA South Animation festival, Atlanta
Semi-finalist FILMSshort Online Film Festival
Visionaria, Siena Italy
The Ojai Film Festival, CA
World Animation Celebration, L.A.
Seattle International Children's Film Festival
This human world - International Human Rights Film Festival, Vienna
The Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival
The Barcelona Planet Film Festival
The Tirana International Film Festival, Albania
The Karelian International Film For Youth Festival, The Russian federation
Port Townsend Film festival, WA
San Diego International Kids Film Festival
The Anchorage International Film Festival
Kids First! Film Festival Santa Fe, NM
Local films for Kids Festival Seattle, WA
Palm Springs International Animation festival
KRAF International Film Festival, Croatia
CHINH India Kids Film Festival
Short Movie Club, Belarus Russia
Providence International Children's Film Festival, Providence RI.
9th Balneário Camboriú International Film Festival