12th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2019

Peace carpet


Iran (Islamic Republic of) | 4 min | Action, Drama | 2018 | Short Film (Animation)

“Peace Carpet” is a traditional animation that tells about the role of a pregnant deer trying to save its child’s life. This movie is made especially for children. This story is based on real-life incidents about a mother’s love for her child. This movie is made to encourage children to love animals and to be kind to them. Iranian traditional designs are used for the graphics work of this movie which is based on the concept of Persian carpets.

এই এনিমেশন চলচ্চিতৰ্টি একটি গর্ভবতী হরিণের তার অনাগত শিশ‌ুকে বাঁচানোর প্রচেষ্টার গল্প। চার মিনিটের এই চলচ্চিতৰ্টি মূলত শিশ‌ুদের জনেয্ হলেও এখানে সন্তানের পৰ্তি মাযে়র নিঃশর্তভালবাসা সবার হৃদযে় নাড়া দেবে। এবং একই সাথে শিশ‌ুদের অনুপেৰ্রণা দেবে পৰ্াণীদের সাথে সদয় হওয়ার জন্য।

Screening Schedule

  • 3 Mar
    11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

    Shawkat Osman Hall

    Central Public Library, Shahbag

  • 3 Mar
    11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

    Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy


Credits and Casts

Ziba Arzhang
Ziba Arzhang
Ziba Arzhang
Benjamin Ghochagh
Hozeh Honarii
Ziba Arzhang
Leading Casts

Exhibition & Award History

AcharyaTulsi Short Film Festival 2018 awards
Short Cut 2018 finalist
Pilón Film Fest 2018 finalist
Directed by Women - NYCShorts of all Sorts 2018 semi finalist
A RebelMinded Festival , 2018 semi finalist
Indie Best Films Festival (Ibestff) 2018 semi finalist
Iranian Film Festival –San Franciscan 2018 semi finalist
ANIMAFILM 2018 select
Womanimation! 2018 Films select
The Short Film Show 2019 select
Oregon State International Film Festival 2018 select
Cheap Thrills, zero budgetfilm fest...RED OCTOBER. 2018 select
Dunedin International Film Festival 2018 select
TIAF - Tbilisi International Animation Festival 2018 select
4th International Film Festival of Shimla 2018 select
Epic ACG Fest 2018 select
Visionaria 2018 select
China International Green Film Week 2018 select
A Global Cavalcade of Animated Shorts #DirectedbyWomen 2018 select
African Smartphone International Film Festival 2018 select
Animax Skopje Fest 2018 select
World Awareness Children's Short Film Festival 2018 select
Women Of The Lens Festival , 2018 select
Celtic Animation Film Competition , 2018 select
Cinema Crianza 2018 select
mice 2018 select
IX Festival AudiovisualInfantil y Juvenil, FICAIJ) 2018 select
Camberley International Festival 2018 select
Shenandoah Seasonal Film Series 2018 select
International Ecological Film Festival TO SAVE AND PRESERVE , 2018 select
DYTIATKO InternationalChildren’s Television Festival 2018 select
Art All Night - Trenton: 6th Annual Film Festival 2018 select
Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival , 2018 select
CartoonClub , 2018 select
FINCAR International Women Filmmakers Festival , 2018 select
Anim!Arte - International Student Animation Festival of Brazil , 2018 select
ALPIN FILM FESTIVAL 2019 semi finalist
Cambodia International Film Festival 2019 selection
Dunedin International Film Festival 2018 selection
mice film festival 2019 selection