12th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2019

Wild as a Raspberry


Portugal | 3:10 | Biography | 2018 | Short Film (Animation) | English

This short animation revisits the childhood of the director who wants to revive the memory of the adventurous spirit of exploring the wild in search of raspberries, a wildfruit. Several children head out to the nearby woods at the beginning of summertime to enjoy the natural scenery and collect raspberries.


সব্প্লৈদঘর্য্ এই অয্ািনেমশন চলিচ্চতৰ্িটর গল্প গেড় ওেঠ িনমর্াতার েছেলেবলার স্মৃিত িঘের। েছাটেবলায় বেনবাদােড় ঘুের ঘুের রাস্পেবির েখাঁজার েরামাঞ্চ এই চলিচ্চেতৰ্র গেল্প ফুেট ওেঠ। অসংখয্ িশশ‌ু তােদর এলাকায় িনকটবতর্ী বেন গৰ্ীষ্মেক উপেভাগ করেতা এবং রাস্পেবির সংগৰ্হ করেতা। এই স্মৃিতগ‌ুেলােক েকন্দৰ্ কেরই গেড় উেঠেছ চলিচ্চতৰ্িট।

Ms. Zahra Alemohammadi

Zahra Alemohammadi is from Portugal. She is a student of Animation at the largest Portuguese private university, Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Campo Grande. She loves to watch and make films, and aspires to become a filmmaker in future thus as a part of stepping forward to that, she is making films of different genres and taking part in a lot of film festivals around the world.

Filmography: Somewhere Else

Screening Schedule

  • 5 Mar
    11:00 AM - 01:00 PM

    British Council

    Fuller Road

  • 6 Mar
    04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

    Shawkat Osman Hall

    Central Public Library, Shahbag

Credits and Casts

Zahra Alemohammadi
Zahra Alemohammadi
Zahra Alemohammadi
Zahra Alemohammadi
Universidade Lusófona
Zahra Alemohammadi
Leading Casts
Zahra Alemohammadi