12th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2019


কালারস (Bangla)

Bangladesh | 8:28 | Drama | 2018 | Short Film (Live Action) | Bangla

Like every other person, every morning is a new beginning for Bithi. Though, she realizes how different she is from many other people when she looks at her dark skin. The society has been cultivating a negative judgment on her for her dark skin tone. She does not see people's face, she sees masks on them which are always staring at her. Bithi fights with her inner feelings about the stigma that the society had imposed on her. In the end, it was her truest self winning and realizing, that she is beautiful as she is.

Original Language

অন্য আর সকলের মতই প্রত্যেকটা দিনই একটা নতুন শুরু বিথীর কাছে। কিন্তু অচিরেই সে উপলব্ধি করে কেবলমাত্র গায়ের রঙের জন্য সে কতটা আলাদা অনুভব করে অন্যদের চেয়ে। একেবারে শৈশব থেকেই ও বুঝতে পারে সমাজ একটি নেতিবাচক মনোভাব পোষণ করে কালো মেয়েদের প্রতি। তাকিয়ে থাকা মানুষগুলোর মুখে মুখোশ দেখতে পায় সে। বিথীর মনের ভেতর যুদ্ধ চলে, হীনমন্যতা তৈরি হয়; যেটা প্রকৃতপক্ষে সমাজের চাপিয়ে দেয়া। তবু, শেষ পর্যন্ত বিথী বুঝতে পারে, মানুষের ভেতরের সৌন্দর্যই আসল; বাহ্যিক গায়ের রঙ নয় এবং সে সুন্দর।

Ms. Ananna Zaman Nishi

Ananna Zaman Nishi is passionate about filmmaking. In 2014, after watching her friends making films, she felt the urge to make her own film in. 'The Chair' was her first film which won the third best film award in 7th International Film Festival. Nishi is a theater artist too. In her spare time, she likes to travel and read.

Filmography: 'The Chair' was the first film of Ananna Zaman Nishi. It won the third best film award at 7th International Children's Film Festival. Two years later the second Film 'Srosta' came out in 2016. 'Colors' is the third and latest most film from this director.

Screening Schedule

  • 5 Mar
    03:00 PM - 05:00 PM

    Sufia Kamal Auditorium

    National Museum, Shahbag

Credits and Casts

Ananna Zaman Nishi
Ananna Zaman Nishi
Ananna Zaman Nishi
Ananna Zaman Nishi
Arshi Films
Ananna Zaman Nishi
Leading Casts
Shahela Jannat Tariq Uz- Zaman Shayla Zaman

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