12th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2019


ইতি (Bangla)

Bangladesh | 6 | Drama | 2018 | Short Film (Live Action) | Bangla

This story revolves around three childhood friends whose friendship got ruined. Their friendship came to an end by the end of their teenage years because of the excessive use of social media. Instead of helping each other in their time of need, they got used to mocking the helpless ones. Their friendship turned sour which was lively once.

Original Language

চলচ্চিত্রটি তিনজন বন্ধুকে নিয়ে। সময়ের সাথে সাথে তাদের বন্ধুত্ব ফিকে হয়ে যায়। বয়ঃসন্ধিকালের শেষে সামাজিক মাধ্যমগুলোতে অত্যাধিকভাবে ঝুঁকে যাওয়ার কারণে তাদের সম্পর্কের সুতো ঢিলে হতে আরম্ভ করে। এবং একসময় তা পুরোপুরি নষ্ট হয়ে যায়। প্রয়োজনের সময় একে অপরকে সাহায্য করার বদলে একজন আরেকজনের মজা নিত। এভাবেই তাদের বন্ধুত্ব, যা একসময় প্রাণবন্ত ছিল, তা ধীরে ধীরে তিক্ত হতে থাকে।

Ms. Fatiha Ormin Naser

Fatiha Ormin Naser Aurpa is a 17-year-old Bangladeshi girl. She is studying in class 11 in Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls' College. She has a great interest in photography. She dreams to be the first secretary general of UN from Bangladesh. She is a good listener and a passionate traveler. She is also interested in volunteering. She is one of the people who want to discover the whole world with their own outlook.

Filmography: The film making career of Fatiha Ormin Naser is not too much expanded but not too short also. She has already directed 4 short films. Her notable short film 'Perfection' got the official selection of the International Children's Film Festival 2018. She has an active character in the Film And Photography Club of the monthly magazine Kishor Alo (KIAFPC). She was in the director team of 3 short films in KIAFPC. Such as: Rupantar (2018), Pratibimba (2018) and so on. She is interested in script writing too. She wrote all the scripts of her previous films. Now she wants to focus on his direction method and determined about gathering precious experience for film making.

Screening Schedule

  • 4 Mar
    03:00 PM - 05:00 PM

    Sufia Kamal Auditorium

    National Museum, Shahbag

Credits and Casts

Fatiha Ormin Naser
Mohammad Mustafa Mushfiq
Fatiha Ormin Naser
Zahirul Islam Nahid
Fatiha Ormin Naser
Takfirul Alam Disney, Fattahia Shafihun Nafim
Leading Casts
Obydul Islam, Abdullah All Noman, Mostofa Nayem, Shafuan Sharar Shafin, Arifin Faisal, Muztaba Muttafiq.
Assistant Director
Mohammad Mustafa Mushfiq