11th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2018


Chhaya (Bangla)

Bangladesh | 9 | Horror, Thriller | 2017 | Short Film (Live Action) | Bangla

Child Filmmakers' Section (Under 18) - BD

3rd Best Film

Joy is nyctophobic, meaning he's afraid of the dark. When the dim light in his room goes down, his brother gives him a torch to make it through the night without giving in to his fear of the darkness. But it so happens that the darkness is the safer place when the shadows in the light try to take his life.

Original Language

জয় এর নিকটোফোবিয়া আছে। অর্থাৎ সে অন্ধকারকে অনেক ভয় পায়। রাতে তার রুমের লাইট নষ্ট হয়ে গেলে, তার ভাই তাকে একটা টর্চলাইট দেয় যাতে সে ভয় না পেয়ে শান্তিতে ঘুমাতে পারে। কিন্তু আলোতে জেগে উঠা ছায়াগুলো জয়কে মারার চেষ্টা করলে সে বুঝতে পারে যে অন্ধকারে ভয় পাওয়ার কিছু নেই। আসল ভয় আলোতে।

Mr. Samin Kader

Samin Kader is currently a college student whose hobby is filmmaking. Even though he has written and directed multiple short films, he still doubts if he can ever become a professional filmmaker. With his visual effects skills, he tries to make sure that a story never has any visual limit. He also believes that a strong story deserves a strong performance from the whole cast and crew when it comes to filmmaking.

Filmography: Pineapple Punch (2016 Short-Film) - Director, Writer and Actor Lal Sharee (2016 Short-Film) - Director and Producer Call Record (2017 Short-FIlm) - Director and Producer

Screening Schedule

  • 31 Jan
    04:00 PM - 06:00 PM

    Sufia Kamal Auditorium

    National Museum, Shahbag

Credits and Casts

Samin Kader
Samin Kader
Samin Kader
Samin Kader
Samin Kader, Kishor Pasha and Durjoy Roy Prince
Samin Kader and Kishor Pasha
Leading Casts
Durjoy Roy Prince and Samin Kader