15th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2022

Child Filmmakers' Section (Under 18) - INTL

Title Country Duration (Min)
30 minutes on the Earth Russian Federation 3 min 29 sec
Completely ordinary events of tennants Slovenia 2 min 14 sec
Creepy Germany 5 min
Crumb Russian Federation 19 min 27 sec
Farm and Landscape With Church Estonia 2 min 27 sec
Lignum Love Poland 2 min
Moles Estonia 4 min
Peel Russian Federation 5 min
Power of Unity India 4 min 32 sec
Rusalka (Mermaid) Estonia 6 min
Sawabona Canada 4 min
Take heart! Germany 8 min
The Butler and the Ball United States 12 min
The Very Book Russian Federation 13 min
There are no things unwanted Poland 3 min