13th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2020

International Film Section (Competitive)

Title Country Duration (Min)
11:40 Argentina 12 min
15.7 Km Indonesia 15 min
A Child Teacher Nepal 10 min
A Flowering Tree India 8 min 28 sec
A Full Moon Night Argentina 12 min 42 sec
A Letter to My Friend in France Egypt 12 min
A Little Gift for You Mexico 7 min 30 sec
A Trip to My Friend's Home India 23 min
Adam Singapore 19 min
Ailin on the Moon Argentina 5 min
Alfons Jitterbit - Countdown to Chaos Germany 92 min
Ayam Morocco 3 min 38 sec
Baitullah India 6 min 40 sec
Ballad of Pipe and Necklace Croatia (Hrvatska) 12 min
Believe Iran (Islamic Republic of) 85 min
Blieschow Germany 10 min
Blue And Curt Canada 1 min 16 sec
Boje Germany 10 min
Brief Changes Brazil 4 min
Campnile Iran (Islamic Republic of) 12 min
Chandpudi Bangladesh 9 min 32 sec
Color of Childhood Bangladesh 29 min
Day X Germany 20 min
Dino Dana The Movie Canada 76 min
Doobie India 17 min
Dully Iran (Islamic Republic of) 2 min
Feather Bangladesh 2 min 27 sec
Few Miles Away India 15 min
Flight of Freedom India 30 min
Fragile United States 10 min 24 sec
Fragile Qatar 11 min
Freedom Iran (Islamic Republic of) 11 min
Gabrielle United States 13 min
Gallery Experience United States 3 min 40 sec
Game without Zero Iran (Islamic Republic of) 5 min
Glass Ceiling France 6 min
Global W Italy 15 min
Good Girl Finland 12 min
Halkaa - Pichku's Dream India 114 min
Har Indonesia 19 min
Here My Village Iran (Islamic Republic of) 83 min
Hold On To Me Italy 19 min 40 sec
How to Cheer Up Loneliness Ukraine 13 min
I am a Tree Iran (Islamic Republic of) 2 min
I Am Not My Father Qatar 13 min
In Passing Canada 4 min
Isah's Dreams: Dad's Chest Brazil 8 min
Isn't Water Iran (Islamic Republic of) 2 min
Istiqlal Indonesia 15 min 30 sec
It's Cold Up There France 4 min
Killing Time France 5 min
Kultegin Kazakhstan 60 min
La Noria Spain 12 min
La Scintilla Italy 12 min
Love Island Korea, Republic of 19 min
Maradona's Legs Germany 23 min
Mission H2O Venezuela 94 min
Moon Argentina 12 min
Mother Nepal 25 min
Mr. Ji United States 8 min 16 sec
Muzbalak Kazakhstan 65 min
My Little Prince Azerbaijan 30 min
Nasser Goes To Space Qatar 10 min
No Monsters Allowed United States 3 min
Nooreh India 22 min
Not One Of Us United States 9 min
One, Two, Three. Singapore 6 min
Panaghoy Philippines 16 min
Phantom Owl Forest Estonia 90 min
Quma & The Beasts Argentina 11 min
Red Bracelets – The Beginning Germany 115 min
Refined in the Fire Australia 6 min 45 sec
Rice Cake Tree India 103 min
Rising Nepal 4 min
Rocca Changes The World Germany 101 min
Romy’s Salon Netherlands 90 min
Salima Morocco 6 min
Sam's dream France 7 min 19 sec
Sh'hab Qatar 13 min
Shelter Italy 17 min
Shoe Iran (Islamic Republic of) 5 min
Simin Iran (Islamic Republic of) 78 min
Smash India 111 min
Son of the Sea Iran (Islamic Republic of) 10 min
Speckled Cockerel’s Wedding Spain 10 min
Story of Mika The Ant Malaysia 46 min
Sweet Dreams China 10 min 18 sec
The Baby Dove India 5 min
The Bobot Ukraine 100 min
The Brand New Friendship Bangladesh 32 min 45 sec
The Cycle Rickshaw India 5 min
The Doggy Georgia 2 min 7 sec
The Dustbin Connection Bangladesh 16 min
The Glass Castle United States 16 min
The Music Box Canada 11 min 29 sec
The Myth of Haftvad Worm Iran (Islamic Republic of) 7 min 45 sec
The Quiet Australia 10 min
The Seven Chinese Brothers Spain 10 min
The Snow Maiden Armenia 70 min
The Talking Hands India 98 min
TKKG- Detective Agency Germany 90 min
Traces Belgium 12 min
Trophy Hunter United States 3 min 42 sec
Walter United States 6 min 42 sec
Wish Iran (Islamic Republic of) 14 min
Yiúlia Brazil 19 min 38 sec
Yours Loving Umma India 12 min