16th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2023

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Alliance Francaise de Dhaka

08 Sep
11:00 AM
Diya, Canada
Final round, Morocco
MIGO, Mexico
Prya, Portugal
02:00 PM
Beyro, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Glimpses of You, Singapore
Karamelltjuven, Sweden
The Square Ctiy, Hong Kong
04:00 PM
A Battle's Toll, Mexico
A City of a Few Mice, Portugal
Fairy Horses, Ukraine
Faísca, Brazil
Four good friends, Argentina
Hell, United States
La bride (The dog's leash), Belgium
Morning Grass, Netherlands
Mu & Mia, Brazil
No Ink (The Magic Shoe - Ep4), United Kingdom
Rain, China
Shades of the Sea, Portugal
Thread, Netherlands
Two Little Birds, Argentina
09 Sep
11:00 AM
Aleph, Japan
Lovely Rita, Swaziland
The Turnip, Estonia
The Year Of Blossoms, China
02:00 PM
Eger, 1552, Hungary
How To Save The Fireflies, Singapore
Now The Wolves Will Run, United Kingdom
Spirit of the Forest, India
The Monument, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Wawel Dragon, United Kingdom

National Art Gallery, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

07 Sep
11:00 AM
Beyond The Woods, Australia
Chick-a-Duck, Canada
Grandma's Special Fabric, China
IMPERFECT, Korea, Republic of
Klingert’s Diving Suit, Poland
Locked, Argentina
Merciful Angel, Hungary
My Superpower, New Zealand
Permai Alley : Living Opposite, Indonesia
Pizza Show, Brazil
Pro.Tesis, Argentina
The Paper, Finland
The Thrown Away Book, Poland
Wira The Little Pendekar, Indonesia
02:00 PM
A Perfect Life, Bangladesh
Chitto, Bangladesh
Dearth, Bangladesh
Euphoric Paranoia, Bangladesh
Lullaby, Bangladesh
Midnight, Bangladesh
Order, Bangladesh
Porjabritto, Bangladesh
Rikto, Bangladesh
Spuffies, Slovenia
Stationery, China
Water Lullaby, Poland
Wetsitales : Tilin the Rice Bird, Philippines
Yoko on holiday, Spain
06:00 PM
Summer Holiday, Bangladesh
08 Sep
11:00 AM
Ball, Poland
Balloom, Canada
Disappearing Dad, Russian Federation
Follow the Lemming, South Africa
How wolves eat children, Russian Federation
La Vitualla, Colombia
Les émerveilleurs - Ingrid St-Pierre, Canada
Long Live Abu al-Fasad, Egypt
Long Lost Home, India
Space Mail, United Kingdom
Světla, Czech Republic
The Calling, Sweden
02:00 PM
Aguan-Sun Behind the Horizon, Bangladesh
Allie - My Best Friend, Bangladesh
Bhrom, Bangladesh
Colony, Bangladesh
Deshi Bhuter Gal-Goppo, Bangladesh
Flying (Ural), Bangladesh
Load Shedding, Bangladesh
Prothasiddho (The story of a Customary society), Bangladesh
Revenge, Bangladesh
SOUL, Bangladesh
Sacrifice, Bangladesh
Shoshi, Bangladesh
The Last Offering, Bangladesh
The Paper Boat || কাগজের নৌকা, Bangladesh
Trap, Bangladesh
Type!, Bangladesh
Ure Jay Dinratri, Bangladesh
06:00 PM
Adventure of Sundarbans, Bangladesh
09 Sep
11:00 AM
Flying Child, Bangladesh
Guthlee Ladoo, India
Jaay Jaay Din, Bangladesh
Miracle In Heaven, Bangladesh
Nirontor, Bangladesh
Should I kill Myself or have a Cup of Coffee?, Bangladesh
02:00 PM
City of Light, Bangladesh
Opal, France
06:00 PM
Alfons Jitterbit – Class Trip Chaos!, Germany