15th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2022

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Bangladesh Film Archive

05 Mar
04:00 PM
Jim Button And The Wild 13, Germany
06 Mar
11:00 AM
Apple Tree Man, Russian Federation
Aurora - The street that wanted to be a river, Brazil
Finders of The Lost Yacht, Finland
02:00 PM
Sawabona, Canada
Shohorta Dhaka, Bangladesh
Take heart!, Germany
The Seekers: Thrill Night, Denmark
The Story of Neela, Bangladesh
There are no things unwanted, Poland
Three Daughters, Bangladesh
04:00 PM
Fear, Bangladesh
Folafol, Bangladesh
Frames, Bangladesh
Sumo-kid (a.k.a. Little Warrior), Russian Federation
06:00 PM
30 minutes on the Earth, Russian Federation
Completely ordinary events of tennants, Slovenia
Creepy, Germany
Kung Fu Girl, China
The Secret of Mr Nostoc, France
07 Mar
11:00 AM
In My Dreams, Turkey
Rise of the Superkid, United States
Thank You For Your Teeth!, Romania
02:00 PM
Ashlesha, Bangladesh
Avoy, Bangladesh
Dear Day, Bangladesh
Drishti, Bangladesh
Eye Light, Bangladesh
I Love You, Bangladesh
Into the hole, Bangladesh
Juyari, Bangladesh
Ka Ka, Bangladesh
Nuyoi - A Tale Of A Hilly Girl, Bangladesh
Run Away, Bangladesh
Skill, Bangladesh
Sumo-kid (a.k.a. Little Warrior), Russian Federation
04:00 PM
An Article of Love, France
Bama, Australia
Inverno (Timo's winter), Italy
Light of Insight, Belarus
Messi, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Moon Landing, Costa Rica
The Great Conjunction, United Kingdom
06:00 PM
A Quarter, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Just like water, Greece
The Jackpot, Cote d'Ivoire
The Republic of Children, Poland
08 Mar
11:00 AM
My Father Superhero, India
02:00 PM
Evelyn, Australia
Fount, Turkey
Framed Memories, Malaysia
Funfair, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Goads, Greece
Greece Treasures, Latvia
Gurru, Spain
Hoover, Estonia
Horror Oink-Oink, Russian Federation
Hunger, Brazil
Solitaire, Italy
Stick hit the fan, Croatia (Hrvatska)
The Flowers of Roadside, Bangladesh
04:00 PM
Meow or Never, United Kingdom
My Grandma Matilde, Mexico
Neighbours, Switzerland
Nostalgia, Portugal
06:00 PM
Crumb, Russian Federation
Farm and Landscape With Church, Estonia
In My Dreams, Turkey
Lignum Love, Poland
Moles, Estonia
Peel, Russian Federation
Power of Unity, India
Rusalka (Mermaid), Estonia
09 Mar
11:00 AM
Beyblade girl, China
02:00 PM
A Good Ending, Bangladesh
Aadhar, Bangladesh
Cancer, Bangladesh
Ole, Benni and the Rest of the Universe, Germany
Pathshala, India
Pea children, Latvia
Sandbox, Russian Federation
Òsányín's Ewé: The Secret of the Leaves, Brazil
04:00 PM
Ae Ryeon Hee, Korea, Republic of
Birth, Spain
Bulit Listens to Nature, Spain
Carnival, India
Clinton, India
Daughters, Belgium
Eaten, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Jump!, India
06:00 PM
Jim Button And The Wild 13, Germany
Shooom's Odyssey - vost eng, France
10 Mar
11:00 AM
Mum is Pouring Rain, France
The Butler and the Ball, United States
The Republic of Children, Poland
The Very Book, Russian Federation
02:00 PM
Elsa, Spain
The Chair, Italy
The Graduation of Edison, Vietnam
The Statue, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Treflik Family - Back Home, Poland
The White Whale, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Willow, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Tin Harr Taai Ping, Hong Kong
Tio, Mexico
Umbrellas, Spain
04:00 PM
Up Up & Up, India
Where Do They Come From? And Where Do They Go?, Germany
Where The Heck Is Ricky Saunders?, United States
Yawati, Ecuador
Ziazan, Turkey
06:00 PM
Kathal, Bangladesh
11 Mar
11:00 AM
Jim Button And The Wild 13, Germany