14th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2021

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Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

02 Feb
11:00 AM
3 Murs & Un Toit, France
A Tiny Tale, France
Adoption, France
Another Hakuna Matata, Indonesia
Deep Fears, United States
Ivet and Michuco, Spain
Kurmaghar, India
Migrants, France
Morning, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Happiness of Some, France
The Last Embrace, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Magic, India
Winter Memories, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
02:00 PM
A Teenager's Diary, Hong Kong
Uropoka, India
04:00 PM
Bihaan-tune of Faith, India
Connected, United States
He She He Tatata, China
Sansone, Italy
The Amazing Adventures of Awesome, United Kingdom
03 Feb
11:00 AM
Autumn Winds, Spring Winds and Two Doves, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Ocean Behind the Window, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Eleventh Step, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
02:00 PM
I Found Out What to Do!, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Metamorphosis in the Slaughterhouse, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Ossigeno, Italy
Ya Hoota, Qatar
04:00 PM
Chips, United Kingdom
Team marco, United States
The Flying Hands, Italy
04 Feb
11:00 AM
A Box of Dreams, India
Batchan, Brazil
Dread, Hungary
Feeling Blue, France
Flyworm, Thailand
Mitch-Match, Hungary
Oh Father, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Olga's Diamond, France
School Bell, India
The Bicycle, Bulgaria
The Broken Coloured Pencils, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Under the Stork’s Nest, Armenia
02:00 PM
The Fixies vs. Crabots, Russian Federation
The Last Day of Autumn, Switzerland
Where Night Falls, Italy
04:00 PM
Family Bonds, Germany
This Side, Other Side, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
06:00 PM
Meghmallar, Bangladesh
05 Feb
11:00 AM
Better Than Neil Armstrong, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Melting Heart Cake, France
Taj Mahal, India