14th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2021

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Shawkat Osman Hall

01 Feb
11:00 AM
Kind Hands, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Secret of the Two-headed Dragon, Czech Republic
Web, Russian Federation
02:00 PM
3 Murs & Un Toit, France
A Tiny Tale, France
Adoption, France
Another Hakuna Matata, Indonesia
Deep Fears, United States
Ivet and Michuco, Spain
Migrants, France
Morning, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Last Embrace, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Magic, India
04:00 PM
Bats in the Night, Switzerland
Jackie and Oopjen, Netherlands
Melty Hearts, Chile
The Pink Ribbon, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Wild, France
06:00 PM
Better Than Neil Armstrong, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Disoriented, France
Folktale, India
Microtopia, France
My Father is an Astro-Not, Philippines
Shorot '71, Bangladesh
The Barbershop, Bangladesh

Sufia Kamal Auditorium

01 Feb
03:00 PM
10 am, Bangladesh
Addition Minus Subtraction, Bangladesh
Alamot, Bangladesh
Amma, Bangladesh
Caption, Bangladesh
Chakri, Bangladesh
Fregoli Delusion, Bangladesh
Hoosh, Bangladesh
Matir Khelna, Bangladesh
Night Light, Bangladesh
One Man Show, Bangladesh
Perilous Wonder, Bangladesh