13th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2020

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Alliance Francaise de Dhaka

25 Jan
03:00 PM
A Tale of an Evil Choice, Bangladesh
Badha, Bangladesh
Bosa, Spain
Breath, Bangladesh
Comfortable Position, Uzbekistan
Creepy, Germany
Friends Love, India
Girls For Change, Lebanon
I am George, Croatia (Hrvatska)
Nobody's Responsible, Bangladesh
Rickshawgirl, Bangladesh
Shei Vor, Bangladesh
Somantoral, Bangladesh
The Life Of A Butterfly, Croatia (Hrvatska)
The Note Book, Canada
Walk Beside Me, Spain
27 Jan
11:00 AM
A Trip to My Friend's Home, India
Baitullah, India
Gabrielle, United States
Glass Ceiling, France
Isah's Dreams: Dad's Chest, Brazil
Killing Time, France
Mr. Ji, United States
Quma & The Beasts, Argentina
Sh'hab, Qatar
Walter, United States
02:00 PM
Sam's dream, France
The Talking Hands, India
Traces, Belgium
04:00 PM
Nasser Goes To Space, Qatar
Spirou & Fantasio's Big Adventures, France
The Cycle Rickshaw, India
Wish, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
28 Jan
11:00 AM
Ailin on the Moon, Argentina
Dino Dana The Movie, Canada
It's Cold Up There, France
Nooreh, India
02:00 PM
A Letter to My Friend in France, Egypt
Believe, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Panaghoy, Philippines
04:00 PM
A Reindeer's Journey, France
Not One Of Us, United States
The Music Box, Canada
The Quiet, Australia
29 Jan
11:00 AM
Game without Zero, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Global W, Italy
Salima, Morocco
The Glass Castle, United States
The Snow Maiden, Armenia
02:00 PM
Flight of Freedom, India
Freedom, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Story of Mika The Ant, Malaysia
The Myth of Haftvad Worm, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
The Seven Chinese Brothers, Spain