12th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh 2019

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Shawkat Osman Hall

04 Mar
11:00 AM
5 Rupees, India
Land Without Evil, Argentina
Rider, Korea, Republic of
02:00 PM
Dear Bare Bears, Bangladesh
Goat, Turkey
LIYANA, Swaziland
Magical, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Mist, Turkey
We Need To Talk, Germany
04:00 PM
A Paper Kite, Bangladesh
Kometen, Norway
PASSING ON, Bangladesh
Stoppage Time, Spain
Video Check, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
06:00 PM
A Curious Girl, Nepal
A Family Tale, Spain
Dreams, India
Nomad, Spain
One Fine Day, India
Perfectly Naughty Kids, Russian Federation
Robot Will Protect You, Estonia
School, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Sufia Kamal Auditorium

04 Mar
11:00 AM
03:00 PM
Aliveness, Bangladesh
Ana Bikhayr', Philippines
Days of Being Alone, Bangladesh
Dr. Fariya, Bangladesh
Dumb, Bangladesh
Forearm, Bangladesh
Ice-cream, Bangladesh
Itee, Bangladesh
Kajol, Bangladesh
Megh Bileen, Bangladesh
Paper Bird, Bangladesh
Student Council President, United States
The Five Senses, United States
Time, Bangladesh
Zoe, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

04 Mar
11:00 AM
Blue Wind Blows, Japan
Layers, United States
02:00 PM
The Thirst, Nepal
Unless the water is safer than the land, Philippines
04:00 PM
Banarasi Jasoos, India
Booba. Remote control., Russian Federation

British Council

04 Mar
11:00 AM
Goldfish, Greece
Vs. Santa, Spain
Wendy 2 - Friendship Forever, Germany
02:00 PM
Anyone Who Sees, United Kingdom
Footsteps, Iceland
Goat, Turkey
Greed, Morocco
Hearth, Kazakhstan
My Grandfather’s Notebook, Spain
Robot Will Protect You, Estonia
Someone's Missing, Poland